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Is the cult leader Stefan Molyneux, responsible for the suicide of an FDR member?
My guess would be a definite yes! Chickens coming home to roost...
There seems to be a cover-up in the making already, with questions about the incident being immediately removed from Molyneux's FB page.
In a recent post, QuestEon from the FDR Liberated Forum, sums up the current events:
It's been over a month since an FDR member took his own life. One would suppose that on the largest philosophy discussion in the world, a member or two would have publicly inquired about the incident, or at least offered his/her condolences. However there has been nothing.
It is possible that no one at FDR is aware of this event, although that possibility stretches my imagination beyond the breaking point. The easier supposition for me is that FDR--for its own financial/reputation benefit--has made every effort to dissociate itself from the tragedy.
I have heard that some people did ask about it on Molyneux's FB page, but the questions were immediately deleted. I am NOT asking anyone to troll FDR, but if you have noticed evidence of the alleged cover-up, specifically screenshots of inquiries that were deleted, I'll do a follow-up post about it on the blog side.
Clearly, no one has enough information to determine the degree of FDR's responsibility in the tragedy itself. However, the refusal to even mention that an ardent member took his own life, in the fear that it might cast a shadow on Molyneux's enterprise, appears to be a triumph of money over ethics. Since ethics is essence of Molyneux's world-view, I think that's something that needs to be addressed.
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Here's the parent of the young man giving his account of the incident:
Stefan Molyneux and Free Domain Radio (FDR) Revealed
A Suicide Caused by Stefan Molyneux and Christina Papadopoulos and FreeDomainRadio

I am a father of one fewer children than I had before. My son was stolen from me by wolves in sheep’s clothing—wolves named Stefan Molyneux and Christina Papadopoulos. Together these two and their destructive worldview warped my son’s heart and stole everything he held dear, until he found himself isolated and hopeless. My son killed himself as a result of their destructive influence on his life.
We’ll call my son Sam. Sam was in his young adulthood, only three years into life on his own, with his own job, own car, an apartment with a buddy, and enjoying life. His childhood was idyllic—safe environment, loving family, raised in Christian love yet given freedom to think for himself, and not abused in any way. After graduation he joined the Army—a childhood dream of his—and was living in the south. While away he maintained strong ties with family and many friends in several states. He kept in contact with them regularly and even visited numerous times despite being half a continent away. He even drove across the country for his mom’s birthday!
Within a two month period, that all changed. He went from, “I’ll be praying for you” or “I can’t wait to see what God has in store for me”, to “I have no faith” and a total excommunication of Christian family and friends. He even shunned and quit communicating with his three siblings, whom he loved dearly.
Many of us tried to find out what was going on in Sam’s life. The one thing he mentioned was studying the teachings of Stefan Molyneux, Christina Papadopoulos and their blog minions at FreeDomainRadio. While this organization has some appealing features and draws people in with their fresh and exciting podcasts and blogs on politics and philosophy, under the surface is a worldview that is destructive to those who become immersed. Sam was swept up by it.
The worldview preached by the Molyneux cult is a combination of extreme libertarian politics, atheistic religion, and a warped psychology that believes parents are the root cause of all a person’s problems. In their view, there is no such thing as a good parent. They clearly counseled Sam to distance himself early from parents and Christians. It initially started with a lack of the usual responsive communication, then to “de-friending” on Facebook, to “leave me alone,” and finally to a scathing “goodbye-forever” letter, all within the period of a few months. The letter is too painful to quote from, filled with crazy jargon and phrases, evidence of brainwashing by the Molyneux wolves.
We saw that coming. We did our research on the Molyneux cult and learned of other families that had been ripped apart by the infamous “DeFOO”—Departing the Family Of Origin. That’s exactly what Sam did to us, and then some. He completely burned his family and Christian friend bridges. Not only didn’t it solve his problems but rather contributed to his self-destruction.
There is much written elsewhere about the religion of atheism versus following Jesus Christ or any other deity. It might seem an oxymoron, but atheism is actually a religion too—that of the self being the only high authority in life, a sort of self-worship. As one gets to know oneself more, however, he comes to the realization that focus on self is a short, dead-end trail that leaves one utterly disappointed. I believe Sam reached the end of that trail, and in his mind he had no family and support structure to turn back to, even though we would have welcomed him home with open arms and a party of the grandest designs.
After finishing his service to the Army—less than six months after the DeFOO--Sam set off on his own to find a new career, new home, a new identity as a free man. Only seven days into his journey he found himself sitting alone in the car he lived in, with no one to turn to who could see the root cause of his suffering and offer him help, and no hope in his heart for redemption by a loving and forgiving God. Sam shot himself in the head and died instantly.
We all hurt for Sam, for ourselves, and for those who also miss him. It was painful enough to lose him as a result of DeFOO, but we thought there would come a day when he would come back to us. There was always hope of his return. Now Sam has been ripped away forever, and the wound is deeper than before. We will never on this earth have a chance to tell him again how much we love him, grow closer as he matures, or play with the children he never had.
Chalk one up to Molyneux and Papadopoulos, The Destroyers. May it never happen again.
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