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Allegations of Professional Misconduct and/or Incompetence against a member may be referred to the Discipline Committee by the College’s Inquiries, Complaints and Reports Committee. Based upon the evidence presented to it, the Discipline Committee may find the member to have committed Professional Misconduct or to be Incompetent and make orders which are in the public interest.



Date and Location

Papadopoulos, Christina

Tuesday, October 30, 2012; Atchison and Denman Court Reporting Services, 155 University Ave  Toronto

Hearings begin at 10:00 a.m., unless otherwise specified.

Information about the allegations which have been referred to the Committee can be obtained by entering the member’s name after clicking on the Member Search button on the home page of the College website:

Visitors, including media representatives are strictly prohibited from using any recording devices of any kind at a hearing.

This schedule is subject to change. If you plan to attend, please contact the College by telephone (416-961-8817) or email ( . Because seating may be limited at a hearing, please notify the College of your intention to attend at least 3 business days ahead of time.

A panel of the Inquiries, Complaints and Reports Committee has referred the following allegations to the Discipline Committee:

Ms. Christina Papadopoulos committed professional misconduct in making public statements and providing advice to the public via the website and podcasts available thereon; specifically, she:

1. failed to maintain the standards of the profession contrary to subsection 1(2) of the Professional Misconduct Regulation. This failure included providing information, advice or comment to the public in a manner contrary to section 6.5 of the Standards of Professional Conduct (Effective September 1, 2005) ("Standards"), providing psychological services while objectivity, competence and effectiveness were compromised contrary to section 12.2 of the Standards, and rendering opinions that were not based upon current, reliable, adequate and appropriate information contrary to section 14.3 of the Standards.

2. provided a service that she knew or ought to have known was not likely to benefit the client, contrary to section 1(9) of the Professional Misconduct Regulation.

3. engaged in conduct or performed an act, in the course of practicing the profession, that, having regard to all the circumstances, would reasonably be regarded by members as disgraceful, dishonourable, or unprofessional, contrary to section 1(34) of the Professional Misconduct Regulation.

A hearing date has been scheduled for October 30, 2012.

Oh Happy Day...

Oh Happy Day...

Oh Happy Happy day...